MONCTON St. Michael's

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150 Masters' Road, Moncton

Parish Office where the archives of this closed parish are located

113 Norwood Ave. Suite #12
Moncton, NB  E1C 6M1

Tel.: (506) 857-4223
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Closed churches - St Michael's

St Michael's church at 150 Master’s Road was consecrated by Archbishop Chiasson in 1983.  It attracted a lot of attention when it was built in 1981, due to its geodesic dome.  This architecture also caused serious problems. The priest may be difficult to hear by someone standing 3 metres away, while a quiet conversation at one side of the church may be heard clearly by somebody standing at the far opposite side.  The building having long suffered from serious water leaks, an engineer was asked to inspect it in the summer of 2013. He found the structure to be so seriously rotted that he condemned it without completing the inspection, which was too dangerous for him to finish.  Demolition took place in late October 2013, only 32 years after its construction.

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