The Knights of Columbus were founded in 1882 to help the disadvantaged in the state of Connecticut, U.S.A. Recognized throughout the world, the mouvement with its 1.9 million members has maintained its momentum in helping brothers and sisters in need and the Catholic Church.

Through the Knights of Columbus, Father McGivney gave Catholic laymen a new opportunity – the chance to grow in holiness while contributing to their parishes, communities and security of their families. Today, more and more Church leaders are recognizing his spiritual genius in animating the laity.

The Knights of Columbus has grown to more than 15,000 local units in the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Guatemala, Guam and Saipan. Over the past decade, Knights have raised and donated nearly $1 billion to charity and given nearly 400 million hours in humanitarian service.

Knights donated $1 million to Special Olympics to send athletes from the United States, Canada and Mexico to the 2003 international Summer Games in Ireland. They provided  2,000 wheelchairs to land mine victims and people with disabilities in Afghanistan. The nature of most service by Knights is determined locally. Knights in Illinois, for example, have devised a sophisticated system for providing interest-free financing for group homes for people with developmental disabilities; councils in the Philippines regularly conduct free medical and dental clinics for the poor.

Wherever they exist, Knights continue the tradition of support for bishops and parish priests exemplified by Father McGivney. Each year tens of thousands of Catholics attend the Marian Hour of Prayer programs, rosary prayer services, and pro-life Masses Knights sponsor.

Father McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus as a fraternal benefit society offering low-cost life insurance to immigrant families facing destitution if a breadwinner died. Today the Knights of Columbus has more than $100 billion USD of life insurance in force. Its insurance program has received the highest possible ratings from both the A. M. Best Co. and Standard & Poor's.

Councils in our diocese:

DISTRICT # 7 (French) DISTRICT # 8 (French) DISTRICT # 9 (French) DISTRICT # 10 DISTRICT # 11 (French)

Conseil # 8341
Père André Bérubé
4048, route 480
Acadieville, N.-B.
E4Y 1Z3  
Tél : 775-0813

Conseil # 7010 

Père F.X.J. Michaud
119 ch. Des Chevaliers
McIntosh Hill, N.-B.
E4S 4K1   
Tél :743-6490

Conseil # 6796

Mgr Donat Chiasson
2600, rue Amirault
Dieppe, N.-B.
E1A 7K8  
Tél: 858-9949

Council # 1310 

84 Broadway Avenue
Moncton, N.-B.
E1A 3Y2  
Tel: 853-7333

Conseil # 10251 

Père Edgar T. LeBlanc
1455, route 133
Grand Barachois, N.-B.
E4P 8C9 
Tél : 532-1363

Baie Ste-Anne
Conseil # 9092

Père Nazaire P. Savoie
101 Eel River Rd.
Baie Ste-Anne, N.-B.
E9A 1N8   
Tél : 228-3269

Conseil # 6837 

Nicolas Denys
17 ch. Marina Unité 4
Cocagne, N.-B.
E4R 2S9  
Tél: 576-9451

Conseil # 10079

Paul-Marie Thériault
575, ch. Memramcook-Est       
Memramcook N.-B.
E4K 1N4  
Tél: 758-1989

Council # 7940

Saint Augustine’s
340 Dominion Street           
Moncton N.-B.
E1C 6H8     

Conseil # 9178

Rév. Donat Robichaud
12, rue Robichaud
Cap Pelé, N.B.
E4N 1Y8  
Tél : 577-4844

Conseil # 9204

Saint-Louis de Gonzague
9447, rue Main, Unité 3
Richibouctou, N.-B.
E4W 4B9  
Tél : 523-5613

Conseil # 7535 

Pascal Poirier
468-C, route 530
Grande-Digue, N.-B.
E4R 5K3    
Tél : 522-2438

Conseil # 6468

200, rue Halifax 
Moncton, N.-B.
E1C 9S2 
Tél : 853-6902

Pointe du Chêne 
Council # 8431

Our Lady of Mercy
11 St Andrews Street
Pointe du Chêne N.-B.
E4P 5E4   
Tel: 532-8647

Haute- Aboujagane 
Conseil # 10319

Raoul Léger
940, route 933
Haute- Aboujagane, N.-B.
E4P 5S6  
Tél : 532-5138

Richibouctou Village
Conseil # 7709 
gr Norbert Robichaud
3880, route 505
Richibouctou-Village, N.-B
E4W 1R2  
Tél : 523-9070

Conseil # 9545

Notre-Dame du Sacré-Coeur 
219, route 535
Notre-Dame, N.-B.
E4V 2K3  
Tél : 576-7575

Conseil # 11985 

Alphonse de Liguori 
87, rue Murphy 
Moncton, N.-B.
E1B 2X8  
Tel : 875-1311

Council # 9270

Immaculate Heart of Mary   
5 Fatima Drive
Riverview N.-B.
E1A 6Y4  
Tél: 858-0260                      

Conseil # 7334

Rév. Père Donat LeBlanc
417, rue Main
Shediac, N.-B.
E4P 2V6  
Tél : 532-5188

St Charles
Conseil # 7128
r Marcel François Richard
279, ch. Saint-Charles-Sud  
St-Charles, N.-B.
E4W 4W2 

Tél: 876-2062             

Conseil # 7948

Père Louis-Joseph Ouellette      
2455, route 515
Ste-Marie-de-Kent N.-B.
E4S 2B7       
Tél : non disponible  


Conseil # 10271 

St-Jacques LeMajeur de Scoudouc   
49, Meadow Rd.
Grand-Digue, N.-B.
E4R 4V7
Tél : 576-8390


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