Life Ascending / La vie montante

La Vie Montante is an evangelisation movement for retirered and pre-retired persons. Its objectives are threefold : spirituality which allows us to realize our baptismal vocation and mission in the Church and the world; discipleship nurturing mutual help to make our communities more welcoming, thirsty for truth and justice, and friendship that helps create bonds, increase awareness of the needs of the communities and celebrate together.

The movement was introduced in our diocese in 1989 by Paul-Émile Caissie and his wife, Annette. It also has an anglophone counterpart, “Life Ascending”.

“La Vie Montante” is found in eight parishes. The spiritual counsellor is presently Fr. Ulysse LeBlanc, c.s.c. An annual reflection day is held at the diocesan level for all members. Themes chosen attempt to reflect those suggested by the national team for that year. In 2009, the theme was Paul as a disciple, an apostle and a builder of the Church while in 2010 it was our baptismal vocation.

At one of our annual meetings, Bishop André Richard left us with this message: “Society needs you, as well as the Church. We need to see in you the maturity of a life of love lived its joys and its suffering. The essential needs are the same every stage of life, regardless of our age.”


Fr. Ulysse LeBlanc, c.s.c., 864-8247

Life Ascending

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