Legion of Mary

Founded in Dublin, Ireland, in 1921, and brought to Moncton, N.B., in 1951.

The Legion of Mary’s Standard rises to the four corners of the world thanks to its founder Frank Duff. His deep intuitions on Mary’s role in the plan of Salvation, as well as that of the faithful lay persons in the mission of the Church, is reflected in the indispensible book that he left the Legion of Mary.

Recognizing Mary as a model, guide and support, the legionnaire’s full trust in his/her life as a lay apostle is placed in Mary’s actions.

Penetrated by the capital importance of prayer, the Legion has numerous auxiliaries who, each day, pray the Tessera and the Rosary. The Legion supplies a highly structured, invariable and very demanding system. The weekly meeting is at the heart of the Legion: work is assigned to everyone and reports are expected on the work accomplished.

In view of one’s full availability to the ecclesiastical authority - diocesan and parish, the Legion’s means of discipleship are varied. For example: getting in touch with persons needing to be heard, encouraging, accompanying, supporting morally and so on; offering free transportation if needed; getting involved in different parish committees such as the preparation of parents for the baptism of their child; experiencing a devotion to Mary: the months of May and the Rosary, the Rosary, miraculous medals, pilgrimages, and others; any approuved work.

Experiencing a devotion to Mary will lead to knowing and loving the humanness of Jesus.

Annette Caissie, 383-1433

Legion of Mary

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