Charismatic Renewal

The late Fr. Oscar Melanson and Br. Aurèle Melanson, c.s.c., introduced the Charismatic Renewal movement to the diocese in 1973.

On March 14, 2002, Jean-Paul II stated that the “Charismatic Renewal mouvement’s vocation is to embody a ‘culture of the Pentecost’… In our time that is so hungry for hope, make the Holy Spirit known and loved. Help bring to life that "culture of Pentecost", that alone can make fruitful the civilization of love and friendly coexistence among peoples.”

The charismatic prayer community reaches people of all walks of life, ages and backgrounds. It offers to its participants a time of prayer that demonstrates the power of the Holy Spirit who is at work in the Church. It is truly a real place of evangelization, since it allows one to:

·    Gather in the name of Jesus in small church cells. (Mt 18, 20)

·    Place oneself under the breath of the Holy Spirit who inspires prayers and breaks open the Word of the Lord. (Rom 8. 26)

·    Facilitates an experience of personal meetings with Jesus, Lord and Saviour in our lives. (Ac 3, 15)

Opens us up to the gifts of the Spirit. Opening ourselves to the gifts in order to become saints; opening ourselves to the gifts necessary for this extraordinary mission of evangelization confined to the entire Church by Christ Himself. (1 P 4, 10)

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Service canadien de communion du Renouveau charismatique