Marriage Preparation

Our mission is to prepare engaged couples for Christian marriage either by intensive weekend sessions or by a more personalised service with a couple who will act as their sponsors for those couples unable to attend group sessions.  

In order to accomplish this mission, our group is composed of 7 units: Parkton, Shediac, St-Anselme/Dieppe, University of Moncton, Cap-Pelé, Kent-South and Richibouctou. Each unit is accompanied by a pastor. We also have three sponsor couples. We have 21 facilitator couples and offer seven intensive sessions throughout the diocese during the year, but especially in winter / spring. Our diocesan team is trained by a president couple, a vice-president couple, a treasurer couple and a secretarial couple as well as a minister. We reach approximately 150 betrothed couples during the year. We are a member of a national Federation, which, among others, takes care with updating our educational material and assures the formation of the facilitators.

Our commitment is to reach engaged couples in their day to day living with an active pedagogical approach while giving them the opportunity to understand their relationship through their Christian faith. Engaged couples can better understand their motivation in wanting a Christian marriage after having explored the four founding principles of the sacrament of marriage (liberty, fidelity, fecundity and permanence).

Our service offers engaged couples a weekend of reflection and sharing in order to identify the elements which will allow each of them to write their own love story.


For information, contact the parish nearest you.