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Catholic Women's League

The Catholic Women's League is open to all women regardless of their age, situation and culture. Invitations are made to women in the diocese when workshops are held. The action program aims to meet women in their everyday lives and to offer them the opportunity to reflect and to adapt to the changes happening in their families, society and the Church. The “Vie à grande vitesse” (Life in the fast lane) program allowed women to exchange views on topics such as commitment and responsibilities, putting humanness in humanity, solidarity and collaboration and making time. The theme chosen for French Canada is geared towards answering local needs.

Modern facilitation techniques allow for the development of a welcoming spirit, fraternity, self-esteem and mutual help in relationships. Reading current events from a Gospel perspective. These women work in teams to implement concrete projects that will transform life in their surroundings. We now have a greater tendancy to join other groups on community projects.

The Diocesan group is associated to the national team. The Moncton team holds periodic meetings with the women from the Dioceses of Bathurst and of Edmundston.  


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Catholic Women's League

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