Office for Evangelization and Catechesis


Office for Evangelization and Catechesis
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Trevor Droesbeck Director of the office for Evangelization and Catechesis      

Karen LeBlanc Assistant Director of the office for Evangelization and Catechesis


The journey of faith is life-long.  While catechesis is often still seen as something which is intended only for children, the mature disciple knows that all need to deepen our understanding of the movement of God in our lives.

The word ‘catechesis’ is a Greek word which means ‘to echo.’ What do we echo?  The better way to phrase that question is ‘Who do we echo?’ We echo the person of Jesus Christ.  Our goal in catechesis is to bring all God’s people into an intimate relationship with Christ. Catechesis is about forming people of faith, and fostering and deepening their living, moving, personal relationship with Jesus Christ in and through His Church

Catechesis acknowledges that our relationship with Christ is a never-ending one that develops throughout our lives.  The relationship is not linear, no more than any relationship is.  It is an on-going experience of conversion and re-conversion which is affected by the people we encounter, the events of our lives and the stories of Scripture.  Some of what life throws our way moves the relationship forward; other incidents can send it spiraling backward. 

Our journey of faith is part of our journey of life. God is found in the ordinary, everyday living out of our lives – and in the Church’s efforts to put people in touch with Christ in an intimate way, this is where we are directed.  We are all at different points on the faith journey; where we are at any given time is where we are meant to be.

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