Marriage Encounter

Married couples are called upon to live out an unconditional love, but human life is such that it is not always easy for married couples to realise this goal. 

Important values for married couples are: respect, sharing, thanksgiving, fidelity, forgiveness, and reconciliation. For couples who wish to rekindle the flame of their earlier years as a couple, and who desire more intimacy, Marriage Encounter commits to offer them, in a weekend organised by married couples and a spiritual leader, an opportunity to better understand and better live out their Sacrament of Marriage.

In an environment filled with respect and trust, and specially conceived communication skills and tools at hand, couples are invited to partake in open and honest communication activities among themselves, and individual couples privately, in order to arrive at a better understanding of themselves, of love and forgiveness.

Such a Marriage Encounter weekend can enrich the whole family, as well as the Christian community because the time spent by the couple to help their relationship grow is an investment in their environment’s future.

Marriage Encounter helps couples to realise how they themselves are a ‘small Church’ in the midst of their Christian community, and thereby how, by the grace of their Sacrament of Marriage, they are witnesses to the living love of Christ.