Closure of Our Lady of Calvary Abbey in Rogersville

Published : 2024-05-09 a 00h00 | Category : Diocese

Dear Archbishop Guy Desrochers,
On April 26, 2024, the abbot general of Cistercians of the Strict Observance and his council, sitting in Rome voted to close Our Lady of Calvary abbey here in Rogersville, NB.
It follows that we are officially closed.  A commission has been formed to deal with the practicalities of closure.  We are still here though, living our monastic life until all issues regarding this closure are resolved.
I hope that you will please pass on this message to all the priests, religious and faithful in the diocese.
Thank you.

Fr. Innocent Ugyeh
Calvary Abbey, Rogersville.

Poster to inform visitors:  

For the avoidance of any doubt.

This monastery, Our Lady of Calvary Abbey has officially closed, and we will gradually close this year.

We want you, our friends, and faithful Christians to know this.

 We ask you to please respect our privacy, and bear with us.

We will update this information at appropriate times.

Thank you. The monks.