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vendredi | 19h00

The Filipino Community of the Archdiocese of Moncton invites everyone to join in our first ever Simbang Gabi in Moncton. Simbang Gabi, a tagalog phrase that literally means “Evening Mass,” is the Filipino traditional novena Masses offered for nine consecutive evenings before Christmas Eve. It is a spiritual journey for Filipinos, a time of reflection, devotion, and anticipation as we prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Centred on the Eucharist, the nine Masses honour the Blessed Mother Mary, who carried Our Lord Jesus in her womb for nine months. How is it different from a daily Advent Mass? On Simbang Gabi Masses, the priest wears white festive vestments, and the Gloria is sung. In Moncton, I will preside at Simbang Gabi Masses at St. Bernard’s Church from December 15th to the 23rd at 7:00 PM. 

All Masses are in English. The Filipino choir will lead the hymns. We will keep the parish’s regular daily and weekend Mass schedule, and we are only adding the nine evening Masses. We will be honoured if you join us in these celebrations. May this season of anticipation and reflection fill your days with peace, joy, and the warmth of love. – Fr. Carlos Jacinto, Good Shepherd Pastoral Unit

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